Three Top-Secret Bridal Trends... Revealed!

Haute couture bridal trends for Summer 2016...

Three Top-Secret Bridal Trends

Spring has sprung and there is sunshine back at last! Granted, it has been of the pale and lukewarm variety but we are just glad of what we can get after that long, cold and wet winter. Bridal couture designers are one step ahead as usual and are already looking forward to the summer season - fancy a sneaky peek into their world?

At Bridal Fabrics, we always have our ear to the ground for the most up-to-date tips, whispers and rumours from the couture VIPs - this is how we always have exactly the right fabrics ready in stock and waiting for purchase the minute you hear about any bridal trend; As they say, you read it here first. Here are three of the latest… shh!

Colour of the Year

Pantone, the company best-known for inventing the Pantone Matching System used everywhere from printers to paint-shops, has just announced its Colour of the Year - but with a twist! Instead of just one colour, a pair have been chosen this time and the decision will have an influential effect across all of the aesthetic industries. The two colours are:

  • Serenity - a gorgeous soft blue that captures an essence of peace, tranquility and the eponymous serenity. A perfect reflection of an unblemished summer sky

  • Rose Quartz - rich and mystical yet subtle and light, this is the unique pink found in a summer sunrise

Check out our range of coloured lace here!

Hair not Hats!

Hats are out this summer and instead brides will be showing off their crowning glory to full effect. If you want to really be the belle of the ball, then you need a little glitter and glam going on - why not add pizazz with one of our bridal hair combs? Find them in the Jewellery section and be amazed by the beauty and variety!

Organza Extravaganza

This lightweight fabric is perfect for summer and is going to be big news for 2016. For a lovely base fabric that won’t break the bank, try our polyester organza - Stardust. If you're going for the luxury touch, yet still looking for great cost-effectiveness, then Evolution silk organza is for you.

We want you to have the dress of your dreams and our team have the talent, skills and dedication to make it happen. Want a personal bride guide? Call us TODAY!

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