Colour is Everything - Take Our Personality test...

What does your favourite colour wedding lace say about you?
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Colour is Everything - Take Our Personality test...

Vision is our primary sense and so light and colour play a hugely-important role in our everyday lives. Many of the ways it affects us may go completely unnoticed but colour (which after all is simply our way of registering different wavelengths of light), is always influencing our thoughts, moods and perceptions to an almost uncanny degree.

One of the ways we use colour is in our clothing and what better time to indulge your favourite colour choice than on your wedding day! Coloured lace is getting more and more popular as brides seek to make their wedding completely individual - white and ivory are still, of course, the two most popular choices but we are seeing a real increase in the amount of rainbow lace fabrics leaving our HQ headed for bridal beauty!

There are lots of people who claim that your preferred colour has something to say about your personality and it certainly seems like a reasonable enough theory. So we thought we could test it out, with YOU as our guinea pigs! We are going to list the personality traits associated with the most popular wedding lace colours - will you discover something about yourself? Let’s find out!

  • Red - extroverted, full of desire and appetite for life. Sometimes impulsive and always demonstrative.

  • Orange - warm, social and likable. Can be moody and prefers small groups of people to crowds.

  • Yellow - idealistic, balanced and optimistic. Often over-cautious but very loyal once the barriers are down.

  • Candy Pink - excitable, fun-loving and charming. Always the life and soul of the party but woe betide anyone who doesn't let you have your own way!

  • Chartreuse - refined, luxurious and with royal bearing. Loves all the finer things in life and knows how to get them, too.

  • Violet - mysterious, intriguing and just a little bit magical. I put a spell on you!

  • Steel Grey - contemporary, unique and with an unmatched style. You love all eyes on you and it’s a good job, too!

  • Black - daring, provocative and theatrical. People look to you as a style icon and you never disappoint them.

So, have we got YOU down to a tee? Or is it all a load of Crocus Pocus?! Let us know what you think by calling us or sending us an email - the best letters will get published in these news pages so subscribe to our newsletter to see if yours made the grade…

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