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Our newest bridal lace just for you

Ooooh we’re so excited - and we just can’t hide it! There are packages arriving daily as we receive the newest bridal materials selected by our talented and extremely lucky fabric sourcing team. As each parcel is opened, there is a hush of expectancy which lasts for a moment until one of us here at the office (usually your faithful writer!) breaks the silence with an Oooooh of appreciation. We think you’re going to share our sense of wonder and delight - here are three of our favourites (though it was NOT an easy decision to make).

Silver Embroidered Lace - CarterSilver Embroidered Lace - Carter

We might as well start off as we mean to go on - with a burst of glittering fabulousness that is going to make some lucky bride into the brightest star in the firmament for her one special day and night. The silver colouration of this super-special wedding dress material is designed for a woman who really knows how to wow the crowd, wearing her dress like nobody else could. Shimmering, shining and glowing with radiant beauty, the luxurious embroidered fabric slides between your fingers like the finest sand and is an experience of a lifetime.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - ShelleyIvory Embroidered Lace - Shelley

Glam is the keyword with this elegant yet striking fabric, which comprises a soft ivory tulle base decorated with complex, expert embroidery. A rich and especially lustrous thread forms a floral design so realistic that it is almost fragrant - a light dusting of sequins adds an absorbing, mesmerising element of magical realism to the effect. Stray rays of light will find a dazzling way to reflect back into the room in the form of subtle silver threads, woven deeply into the rich embroidery

Ivory Embroidered Lace - BeatriceIvory Embroidered Lace - Beatrice

When it comes to sheer complexity, there are few bridal fabrics to beat Beatrice! Swirling, sinuous shapes wind lazily across the fabric to the asymmetric edges - one of these is subtly scalloped while the other features more prominent curves. There is no need for further embellishment with this fabric (though some say you can never have too much!) as pearls, sequins and beads are already skillfully attached in all the right places.

Our New Lace Designs section is always a popular one, just check the whole range and you will see why!

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