Which Two Bridal Fabrics Look Good Together?

"If you want a job doing properly then do it yourself". So goes the old adage and in Caroline Yates's case...
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Ivory corded lace dionne"If you want a job doing properly then do it yourself". So goes the old adage and in Caroline Yates's case, it certainly turned out to be true! She took the bold decision of making her own wedding gown from scratch and we are happy to say that she chose the material from our collection. Caroline, you make our fabrics look even better than they already are! We're sure you'll agree that Caroline looked absolutely amazing on her day; we got in touch with her to find out a little more about it....

As with so many shopping decisions these days, the first place Caroline headed was for the internet, hoping to find that ideal fabric for her wedding day. She quickly found our site but, like the savvy shopper that she is, continued her hunt to make sure that she wasn't missing something better! A good few hours' clicking later, she had assured herself that our range was the biggest, best and most reasonably priced - "beating everyone else hands down" in Caroline's own words!

Next, Caroline started creating her shortlist, which was actually a long list to be fair. She ordered lots of samples which were quickly sent although she still felt "spoilt for choice" at the array of magical designs. Realising that the clock was ticking, she went with her heart and chose Dionne lace with Duchess Satin in a rich yet subtle Porcelain colour. Designed and made from scratch, the finished dress was a boned bodice made from the satin and overlaid with the Dionne lace. Trendy 3/4-length sleeves brought the dress right into the present day but kept all of that old-fashioned elegance with lots pf beading and a princess skirt. 

Ivory laceIvory laceIvory lace

With bags of charm, Dionne Ivory lace is an instant eye-catcher but is also intricate and delicate enough to hold the attention. Identical scalloped borders give a stylish quality that is backed up by the complementary shapes of the floral designs. There is nothing quite like the beauty of ivory lace and Dionne is a truly gorgeous example - even better when it is used as well as Caroline used it!

Our fabric has been given a double life - Caroline used some of the leftover wedding dress material to create a Christening romper for her nephew. Duchess Satin is incredibly versatile as show by this extra make and you might find that, once you start making clothes, you won't want to stop! Find out more about this amazing material here.

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