What's the Secret of These Gowns..?

What's the Secret of These Gowns..?

The designers are coming thick and fast! Allow us to introduce you the the fairytale world of Natalya James…

The competition is getting fierce here at Bridal Fabrics but the real winners are the lucky brides who get to wear the dresses created by couture designers using our fabrics. We have been in touch with a few designers recently who have been sharing images of their fabulous work and now we are REALLY being spoiled; allow us to introduce you the the fairytale world  of Natalya James…

Natalya james Bespoke Design and Bridalwear (www.natalyajames.com) is based in beautiful Northamptonshire, the perfect setting for her to create astounding wedding gowns and other unique garments like the ones you can see in these breathtaking photos. All but one of these dresses has a special secret - we will fill you in at the end of the article!

As a designer who is always in demand, Natalya is constantly visiting our website to order the quality wedding dress fabrics she needs to satisfy her discerning customers. All of the gowns on show here, at a recent photo shoot, use one or more fabrics from our collection and two of our favourites include:

Cygnus - Crystal Dress Trim

Embroidered by hand and inspired by the constellation of the same name, Cygnus boasts a softly undulating design, almost hypnotic in its fluidity. Crystal dress trim can make a huge difference to the final effect and natalya shows everyone just how it should be done! Small beads and pearls make sure you keep that subtle elegance while silver filigree thread makes sure you shine.

Dawn - Ivory Corded Lace

The ivory floral theme is as big as it ever was and thousands of brides take the plunge wearing this type of wedding lace. If you’re going to do something then there is no point in doing it by halves; choose Dawn ivory lace for a big bold statement with its large flowers and surrounding foliage, all embroidered with a loving skill and finished with a unique fringe… check the product page for more details!

So, what’s the secret of Natalya’s dresses? Apart from the 50s-style dress, which is a true one off, all of the other gowns feature a multi-wearable underlay - the satin beneath is the same but can be overlaid with a different garment for the evening without fuss or hassle. Genius!

Check out these fabrics and more on our website and let Natalya’s wondrous ideas inspire you...

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