What's the Hottest Bridal Trend..?

Coloured lace appliques! So what’s YOUR favourite colour? Whichever it is you will find it here...

What's the Hottest Bridal Trend..?

There is a certain well-known brand of coloured candy that invites us to taste the rainbow as we enjoy it - well how about actually BEING the rainbow! Coloured lace is big news right now, something that has been gaining momentum for a while, and we have extended our range to now include dyed lace appliques. This means you can perfectly match with your chosen colour of lace - now the only choice is which colour! Oh, and which style too! We are really spoiling you, but you definitely deserve it.

When you arrive at the dyed lace applique page, make sure you’re sitting down. The spectrum of colour that leaps off the screen at you is just stunning, recalling all those dreams you had of being locked in the sweetshop as a child. China Blue nestles calmy against sweet Chartreuse, while Red and Violet jostle with one another to claim the most of the spotlight. All of these upstarts are kept in check, however, by the classic, authoritative presence of solid Navy, Orange and Plum.

There are some very modern tones packed into our new selection as well, such as the Russet that was recently featured in one of our news articles, used on a gorgeous dress made by one of our customers. Russet is a very versatile tone and extremely flattering to skin, making it ideal for weddings in bright sunshine. Lime Green isn’t perhaps the first colour that comes to mind when thinking about weddings but has actually been seen on haute couture catwalks recently, bringing rave reviews and leaving audiences spellbound.

You may be wondering if we have just gone out and bought some of every colour just in case - but not even our extensive warehouse is that big! We dye your chosen lace applique to your bespoke colour choice, a careful and methodical process that means it can take up to seven days to ensure an even, rich and fast coloured material that will be a fairytale embellishment to your big day.

So what’s YOUR colour? Fancy all eyes on you as you opt for dramatic Dark Green? Or prefer a more subtle approach with a light yet mystical Beige? Whichever it is, or somewhere in between, you will find it by simply clicking here…

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