Never Mind Flowers — Say It With Feathers!

Fly to the altar in feather lace from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

If you want to feel heavenly at your wedding (and who doesn’t?!), then what you need is light, feminine and angelic feathered lace, which is in high demand right now and has been seen on red carpets and haute-couture catwalks recently as well as on trendsetting, stylish brides. We have got an exquisite, exclusive selection of feather lace to choose from so be an angel and rule heaven with Bridal Fabrics!

As well as providing waterproof protection and allowing flight, the feathers of birds are also used by them as a means of communication, delivering vital signals to other birds and animals. This is true of almost all birds from the humble duck or pigeon to the astounding unmatched beauty of the bird-of-paradise, each of whom uses colours in (mostly his). plumage to attract a mate.  Across almost every culture throughout history, humans have collected bird feathers to be worn for a variety of reasons, from status symbols and ceremonial use to simple beautifying ornaments.

Three of our favourite feather laces (though it was hard to choose!) are:

bridal fabrics nikitaNikita

Available in either white or ivory, Nikita wedding lace is an instant eye-catcher with floral motifs surrounded by ethereal feathers, each carefully attached with a pearl or bead. Even further decoration, comprising filigree thread, ivory and clear beads and shimmering sequins, elevates this lace to a luxurious work of art, guaranteed to be the talking point of the big day. A softly-undulating border is delicately stitched with the finest embroidery and more choice beads are added to complete Nikita white or ivory lace.

ivory lace chantelleChantelle

While flamboyant and extravagant, Chantelle lace maintains a cool, calm and collected feel with its abstract reflection of a softly-clouded summer sky. Heavily-embellished wings extend deeply into the design from both extremes, carrying with them a selection of pearls and beads that give this fabric a regal swish as the wearer moves. Running throughout the elaborate yet subtle pattern is a fine filigree thread of a deep Champagne colour, accenting and complementing the soft white feathers.

ivory lace fayeFaye

The name Faye is derived from the Middle English word for ‘fairy’ and is perfect for this intriguing, otherworldly lace. Pretty, feminine and designed with extravagance in mind, Faye lace is made up of a joyfully-riotous mixture of sequins, filigree thread, heavy embroidery and beads on a delightful ivory tulle background. Feathers are used to add the perfect finishing touch.

Glide gracefully down the aisle in one of our feathered laces - you will be enchanting

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