Brand New Lace... Can YOU Keep a Secret from Santa?

Shhh... not a word to Santa!
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So, that is what is on top of our special seasonal sack this, er, November! What other delights does it hold? Find out , you naughty girl/boy!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Santa has made a special deposition to us here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics and has brought a super-sized sack of brand new wedding lace! Now, he didn’t exactly say that we could open the tempting bundle early (a whole two months early!) but, ome to that, he didn’t exactly say that we COULDN’T open it either! So, what do you say we have just a little peek together? We won’t tell if you won’t…

The first thing we notice as we tear off all the wrapping (er, we mean peel away one corner very carefully for just a peek), is the colours! All through summer we saw a battle between the different colours of lace from traditional whites and ivories; it seems that the favourites have definitely established themselves for this coming season and, though white and ivory do feature, they are definitely looking a little worried that their traditional two-party system is about to be broken wide open!

To whet your appetite, here are three of our favourites from the oops-now-we-are-on-Santa’s-naughty-list collection, brand new at Platinum Bridal Fabrics; and not a mention of a white or ivory!

  • Drew : Flesh Beaded Lace. We are cheating a little bit here but there is no way we could not include Drew lace in our favourites list. Santa has only included a single sample of this divine fabric for now and, call us selfish, but we are keeping it! But, you CAN pre-order this sumptuous embroidered fabric today for delivery in January 2017. Believe us, the 3D Georgette petals, unique pattern and exquisite embellishments are worth waiting for
  • Leanne : Corded Lace. Santa always tries to include everyone and has also brought us a new selection of fabric that is so versatile it could be used for the Prom Queen, the Mother of the Bride or anyone in between (even the groom, if you’re feeling bohemian). Leanne lace is simple and subtle but don't let that fool you: it has a beautifully tactile texture, surprising detail for those who care to look deeply and bags of personality expressed in rich vibrant tones of Blush, Cappuccino and more
  • Sinead : Corded Lace. Once again, the colourful, creative fabrics are high on everyone’s must-have-give-me list for the upcoming season. Sinead is tasteful and refined in its pattern design but loves to grab attention with its dramatic colour palette of ten distinct tones. Gorgeous.

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