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At Bridal Fabrics, we firmly believe that every bride should feel like nothing less than a queen on her big day and we are here to make it happen. Every day, we ship out hundreds of yards of bridal fabric along with thousands of accessories, all bound for dressmakers and designers who will create the dresses that make dreams come true. We love seeing what these fabrics are transformed into by our talented customers - and here is one to REALLY take your breath away…

The Mediterranean paradise of Gozo, the sister island of Malta, is the setting for this story, which begins with VickyAnn, a talented and highly-renowned dressmaker. She creates bespoke gowns of extremely high quality and, in her own words ‘fell in love’ with our website as soon as she discovered the massive range of delightful wedding dress fabrics we have on offer every day. She sent us a picture of her latest creation, which is a shimmering, delicious dream and made the bride feel beyond beautiful as she took her sacred vows.

VickyAnn ( and Duncan Weisters, our Managing Director with years of experience in the business and a highly-trained eye for haute couture, worked together to choose the fabrics and tones for this gown, which were:

Victoria Lace - Russet

Russet is a much-neglected color and we are glad to see evidence of how great it can really look when it is used in the hands of a confident, creative designer. This is an embroidered lace featuring bursts of floral bouquets, each corded and given glamour and glitz with sequins, beads and a single, continuous silver filigree thread running throughout. Simply stunning!

Splendor - Peony

Duncan knew right away that Peony was the best color to team with the Russet of the lace and so recommended it for the silk crepe backed satin. This fabric has rightly earned the title ‘Queen of Fabrics’ and its regal, heavy and luxurious drape ensures that anyone who wears it will feel like a member of the English Royal Family!

VickyAnn, we think your dressmaking skills are out of this world - and Gozo doesn’t look half bad either! Thanks for sending in your pictures and for your lovely email.

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