The French Connection

The French Connection

A mainstay of bridal chic has been the use of Chantilly lace from France.

A mainstay of bridal chic has been the use of Chantilly lace from France.  Dainty and delicate, this pretty lace featuring floral bouquets is a delight for the summer or destination bride because of its lightweight handle and beauty.  Here are just a few from our vast selection of Chantilly Laces…


Ivory Chantilly Lace Jocelyn mixes both traditional floral appeal with a more contemporary twist and has a genuine couture appeal. A very beautiful and delicate looking French Chantilly Lace , one border is gently scalloped whilst the other is straight. Both edges are however fringed.



Amy Lace is a beautiful Chantilly Lace design in soft white, which has closely set all over floral motifs. The embroidery sits on quite an open tulle and the edges of the flowers are corded to make them stand out.  The edge of this lace has a delicate fringe, predomi­nantly made out of the cording used in the pattern. Both edges have identical scallops. 



Annalisa is an eye-catching Chantilly Lace that has been hand beaded, this is a truly stunning design. The base pattern of this design is Kate white lace and our designer has added numerous beads, pearls and sequins as well as loops of thread to give a three dimensional textured look. From the border of the lace, a magnificent floral and foliage decoration rises 56cms (22"). 



Aurelia is an extremely glamorous ivory bridal lace, which uses Samantha lace as a base on to which we have hand embellished, using a variety of beads and pearls. The lace based is lightly corded and has a very soft drapey handle.


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