Silk Sensations

Silk Sensations

We tend to focus on the beauty of our laces in our blogs here at Bridal Fabrics
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We tend to focus on the beauty of our laces in our blogs here at Bridal Fabrics, but we offer some sublime silks that make the most superlative wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses.  With a range of colours, superb customer service and speedy delivery, why not sample our sensational silks?

Crepe backed satin is the perfect choice for bridal, bridesmaid or ball gowns due to its luxurious drape. It is simply the smoothest fabric that you will every touch and the colour range of 40 colours enables any colour palette to be met.


Silk Satin (137cm/54" - Light Colours) - Splendour

Splendour is a 100% Silk Crepe back Satin measuring 137cms wide (54"). This is available in either in full pieces (45mtrs), 10 mtr lengths or cut lengths (any length).


Silk Taffeta (140cm/55") - Debutante

Debutante is a luxurious Silk Taffeta and is used in wedding dresses, christening gowns, corsets, theatrical purposes and fancy dress and measures 140cms (55"), that is available in a range of 8 colours. We also offer a narrower version (114cms/­45") as Amour in ivory and a wider version as Distinction.

It is a smooth crisp fabric and is yarn dyed. This means that the colour is derived from the combination of the warp and weft yarns during the weaving process, rather than from being piece dyed afterwards.


Silk Chiffon (114cm/45") - Tempest (Light Colours)

Tempest is a 100% Silk Chiffon fabric that is perfect for an overlay as it is extremely lightweight and semi-transparent. The use of Chiffon gives an elegant, floaty appearance to a dress or gown. 

Although expensive, silk is the queen of fabrics and will make your ball gown or wedding dress special. We do however offer a range of both duchess satins and crepe backed satins in polyester - Majestic, Supreme,  Princess and Contessa which can be more cost effective choices.


If you’d like any more details about the range of fabrics we stock or advice about which silk/fabric to choose contact our customer service team.  Don’t forget you can order samples and the first two are free!

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