The Biggest Bridal Trend for 2020 is Individuality

The Biggest Bridal Trend is Individuality

Be yourself with a bespoke wedding gown
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The bride look is all about being an individual, making a statement and revelling in bespoke bridal beauty. Here we look at four gorgeous examples of couture bride lace that can help you create bridal trend fabulousness!


Ivory Embroidered Lace: Gabby

Dentelle Brodée Ivoire - Gabby

Also available in Gold or Rose, this refined ivory lace is the epitome of simple elegance. Onto a tulle background, our designer has used their impressive dressmaking skills to create islands of embroidery, each of which stands slightly proud of the background to deliver eyecatching textural excitement.



Ivory Corded Lace: Charvi

Dentelle Cordonnée Ivoire - Charvi

Matching embellished edges frame an ivory tulle that has been embroidered with a visually-striking abstract pattern, which is highlighted with classy cording detail. The non-floral pattern incorporates a graceful lattice effect that is reminiscent of the Art Deco era, giving the fabric a vibrant vintage appeal. If you like this design but prefer a little extra embellishment, check out Pleasance ivory sequinned lace.



Ivory Feather Lace: Euphoria

Dentelle Plume Ivoire - Euphoria

Another spectacular lace fabric inspired by the Art Deco style, Euphoria feather lace combines marquise, circle and fan shapes to create a material that wouldn't look out of place on the silver screen of an early Hollywood movie. A choice for the bold, confident bride, this breathtaking lace fabric is adorned with single feather strands.



Ivory Georgette Lace: Coco

Dentelle Georgette Ivoire - Coco

To create this showstopping, scallop-edged lace, a georgette fabric has been laser-cut with a striking and intricate pattern which has then been embroidered with a lustrous, regal ivory thread. Coco is a unidirectional lace: to truly understand and appreciate its singular beauty, we recommend ordering a free sample.


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