Behind the Scenes of Bespoke Bridal

Behind the Scenes of Bespoke Bridal

All of the bespoke bridal workroom essentials you need
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We know what hard work bespoke bridal can be!  There’s so much goes on behind the scenes before reaching the all-important finished garment.  We’re an industrious bunch here at Bridal Fabrics too and we know it’s not all glitz and glamour. We have a range of fantastic bridal in our fabric range from some brand new cotton coutil for corsets to your calico for toile and all the linings you could possibly need!  Check out our workroom essentials…


Cotton Coutil

Cotton Coutil

Coutil is a particularly dense, non-stretch fabric, qualities that make it especially suited to making corsets. Our cotton coutil measures 152cm in width and is available in Black, White or Flesh colourways.


Eclipse: Polyester Anti-Static Lining Fabric

Polyester Anti-Static Lining (148cm/58") - Eclipse (Lighter Colours)

One of the most versatile interlining fabrics we supply, Eclipse is suitable for use with all types of garments. The material is extremely lightweight and is available in a stunning palette of more than 45 different colours.


Orion: Ivory Powernet

Ivory Powernet - Orion

Many garments and outfits, particularly those worn for dancing purposes, need to be made from material with excellent stretch. Orion Ivory Powernet is the perfect fabric for creating such garments.


Warwick: Cotton Calico

Cotton Calico - Warwick

Calico is another extremely versatile fabric, with uses varying from household textiles and embroidery sacking to practical applications such as dust sheets. When it comes to bespoke bridal purposes, naturally-coloured cotton calico is used to create toiles.


Kiss: Polyester Lining Fabric

Ivory Polyester Soft Satin Fabric (150cm/60") - Kiss

Named because of its super-soft texture that seems to kiss and caress the skin, Kiss has a supremely lightweight and delicate handle. The perfect alternative to a silk habotai, Kiss Polyester Lining is of such high quality that it could even be used as an outer fabric.


Find these and many more bespoke bridal workroom essentials on the Bridal Fabrics website.

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