Brand New Screen Printed Fabrics!

Screen Printed Fabrics!

Brand new screen printed fabrics now available
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As we continue to extend our product portfolio, Bridal Fabrics is proud to announce the addition of a brand new range of screen printed fabrics. Check out what's on offer...


Marcia: Ivory Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Marcia  A beautiful, delicate and ultra-feminine wedding dress fabric, Marcia is based on a striking ivory organza with a truly wonderful drape. Using the screen printing technique, our designer has created a vivacious pattern of roses: the motif repeats across the fabric in a hypnotic display.


Lorenzo: Ivory Printed Organza Satin

Ivory Printed Organza Satin - Lorenzo

The epitome of elegance, this printed satin begins with ivory organza that has been woven in Italy. Onto this soft-handled, luxurious base, a tasteful floral design has been expertly screen printed.


Lavanda: Ivory Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Garza - Lavanda

Lavanda is based on a lightweight, super-soft chiffon coloured a rich ivory. The material has a light, airy drape and has been screen printed with a dainty yet decadent floral pattern.


Massima: Ivory Printed Silk Satin

Ivory Printed Silk Satin - Massima

One of our more dramatic ivory fabrics, Massima is characterised by its floral theme which is rendered on a big, bold scale. Subtly different tones of ivory thread work in perfect harmony to create a beautiful overall aesthetic.


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