Sustainability: The Future of Fabrics

Sustainability: The Future of Fabrics

Sustainability is essential and Bridal Fabrics are working hard to protect our planet

The health of the planet is a matter that ultimately concerns everyone and so improving sustainability wherever possible is essential. Here at Bridal Fabrics, we are acutely aware of the need to develop our sustainability and have taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to improving sustainability begins right here at our premises. We have installed solar panels to reduce our dependence on electricity from fossil fuels and have swapped all of our lighting to environmentally-friendly LEDs. Additional insulation has been added to our building to improve thermal performance and reduce energy usage. We have also increased the number of recycling points.

Many of the wedding fabrics we supply are woven right here at our Lancashire mill and this includes fabric made from recycled yarn, which was created from used plastic bottles. Fabrics sourced from abroad are subject to strict ethical and environmental controls: our Managing Director Duncan Weisters regularly travels to international manufacturing sites, ensuring that ethical standards are rigorously adhered to and that good conditions are provided for workers at every level of manufacture.

A new Peace Silk, named Sanctity, has been added to our collection. Peace silks are woven using filament sourced from cocoons from which the silk worm has been allowed to hatch naturally and become a moth: only the vacant cocoons are used to make the fabric. All of the materials used to create this sumptuous, sustainable silk are certified in accordance with GOTS, proving that production is both socially and ecologically responsible. Check out the six colour options of Sanctity Peace Silk on our website.

Peace Silk (108cm/43") - Sanctity


We believe we can do business and protect the wonderful planet we live on at the same time. For more information on our commitment to sustainability, please get in touch with our team.

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