Charming Combinations: Lace Fabric & Silk Chiffon

Lace Fabric & Silk Chiffon: Charming Combinations

How to make bridal lace fabric look even more beautiful
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Last week, we published the first in a series of blog articles focusing on combining different wedding fabric types and styles to produce uniquely-stylish, fashion-forward wedding outfits. In this, the second of our 'Charming Combinations' blog articles, we'll show you how to add a new visual dimension to even the most gorgeous lace fabrics. Read on and be amazed!


Tempest : Silk Chiffon

Silk Chiffon (114cm/45") - Tempest (Light Colours)

Nearly transparent and weighing in at just 34 grams a square metre (8 mommy), it's hard to believe that this barely-there material can have such a dramatic visual effect on a wedding gown. Tempest Silk Chiffon is made from 100% silk of the finest quality, resulting in a nearly weightless, free-floating fabric that is perfect for overlaying wedding lace. Laying Tempest Silk Chiffon over a dress made using patterned wedding lace produces an magical change, making the patterns become more subtly defined yet also creating a sense of movement as the chiffon fabric glides over the lace. With 50 different colors available to choose from, you can create infinite, and infinitely beautiful, visual effects using Tempest Silk Chiffon.


Gianna : Ivory Embroidered Lace

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Gianna

The intense, dramatic patterns that characterize Gianna Embroidered Lace are at once softened and enhanced when overlaid with silk chiffon. To create this fabulous lace fabric, our designer has pushed their embroidery skills to the very limit, rendering sinuous circles, bold stripes, geometric lattice work and attractive cross-hatching across repeating symmetrical rivulets.


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