Champagne Tulle & Lace Fabric: Charming Combinations

Champagne Tulle & Lace Fabric: Charming Combinations

Tulle and lace fabric combinations make for stunning wedding gowns!

Finding a lace or tulle fabric that you like is easy but it takes a real creative flair to discover combinations of the two that work well together. Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing articles in the Bridal Fabrics blog that will inspire you to combine, conjoin, contrast and coordinate different styles of fabric to create beautiful, innovative wedding gowns.

Our first combination inspiration comprises two Champagne fabrics: Twilight Sequinned Tulle and Blake Beaded Flower Lace.


Twilight: Champagne Sequinned Tulle

Champagne Sequinned Tulle - Twilight

Floral-inspired fabrics will always be popular but recent trends show that many designers are now including wedding dress material with more abstract styles, particularly those with geometric designs reminiscent of the Art Deco look of the roaring 20's. Twilight Champagne Sequinned Tulle fits perfectly into this category, with sequins forming a large, sensational zigzag shape that repeats across the body of the fabric. Though bedecked with sequins, there is nothing garish about the way they catch the light: instead, they produce a subtle, tasteful twinkling effect. Twilight Sequinned Tulle is also available in Ivory and Silver.


Blake: Champagne Beaded Flower Lace

Champagne Beaded Flower Lace - Blake

An instant favourite among our couture customers from the moment it was introduced, Blake lace fabric features plenty of embellishment in the form of sequins, pearls and beads. The 3D guipure flowers on this impressive fabric, each standing proud of the base and centered with pearls and diamantes, combine perfectly with the non-floral aesthetic of Twilight Sequinned Tulle. Dramatically-asymmetric borders add a unique finishing touch.


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