Sensational Silk Fabrics

Sensational Silk Fabrics

A selection of sensational bridal silk fabric

Silk is rightfully known as the 'queen of fabrics' and is a popular choice of wedding dress material for brides who want a little extra luxury on their big day. In this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog we showcase four styles of wedding silk, chosen from our exceptional range especially for you.


Elasticity: Silk Stretch Satin

Silk Stretch Satin (110cm/43") - ElasticityWith plenty of stretch across its width, this versatile fabric is perfect for creating garments that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Elasticity is available in either Black or Ivory and is especially suitable for creating dance wear as it allows the wearer to move freely.


Splendour: Silk Crepe Backed Satin

Silk Satin (137cm/54" - Light Colours) - Splendour

Available in any of 40 different colours, Splendour offers plenty of flexibility. The material is renowned for its superlative smoothness and luxurious drape, making it ideal for creating phenomenal bridal, bridesmaid and ball gowns.


Royale: Silk Satin

Silk Duchess Satin (137cm/54") - Royale

Whether you choose the white silk or ivory silk version of Royale, you're sure to be absolutely astounded by its quality. Don't forget you can order any two samples from us at no cost to examine our fabrics at home.


Charm: Silk Satin Organza

Silk Satin Organza (114cm/45") - Charm

This rich silk organza fabric presents infinite potential to the creative dressmaker. Charm boasts a particularly stiff drape, making it an excellent choice for structured garments.


Dignity: Silk Double Georgette

Ivory Silk Double Georgette (114cm/45") - Dignity

A soft handle and distinctive drape combine to make this gorgeous ivory silk a true delight. Check out our video to see for yourself!

For more bridal silk, including silk chiffon, please check out the Bridal Fabrics website.

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