Pretty Paisley

Pretty Paisley

Bridal capes are a contemporary and cool addition to the modern bride's choice of attire

When something catches your eye and you think – that’s just so pretty!  That’s happening all the time here at Bridal Fabrics but out and about in the big wide world, one of our team was struck by the beauty of a paisley pattern on a painting and it started us thinking about paisley here at the bridal hub.

Paisley is an ornamental design a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. Did you know one of the original designs was of a mango and was taken from textile design from India? This especially featured in Kashmir shawls which were then imitated locally.  Its English name derives from the town of Paisley in West Scotland, a centre for textiles in the 18th and 19th century where paisley designs were produced.

Okay, history lesson over! As a nation, we’ve been in love with Paisley for generations, and bridal is no exception.  So, weaving the mesmerising magic of a paisley pattern into a wedding dress is easy peasy.  Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.

Ivory Beaded Lace - Amani (Full Width)

Top of the mango tree is Amani, a heavily beaded exceptional lace of superior quality and design. 

Featuring paisley shapes and exquisite ivory and gold beading and embroidery, this remarkable lace also features floral and leaf motifs with a dusting of gold beads all over the tulle base.

Ivory Lace - Joanna

Joanna is a striking Guipure ivory lace with a paisley design running throughout, further complemented by floral detail. 

The paisley shapes themselves are framed with small spurs that also form the pretty scalloped edge. A truly gorgeous Guipure in our opinion.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Itzel

Resplendent and richly embellished, Reagan is a striking lace for a wedding dress. On an ivory tulle base an eye catching paisley and floral design has been deftly embroidered. The paisley shape is enhanced with a leafy sequin and beaded frame.

The outside of much of the pattern has been decorated with a fine cording and the centres of many of the flowers have been further decorated with pearls, sequins and beads to great effect.

Ivory Lace Trim - Erin

Time to squeeze in a tiny trim: Erin!  Erin is an ivory lace trim (also available in champagne) that features paisley tear drops and wheel shaped motifs along its length.  Pretty!

We hope our pretty paisley is pleasing (okay – enough with the alliteration!).  Please contact us with any enquiries or to order any samples.

Don’t forget, we love to see your dress creations with our lace and fabrics.  Please forward any pics to

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