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Here are three brand new bridal fabrics for you to admire!
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Choosing the perfect bridal lace from our vast selection can be a little bit difficult and it’s easy to start feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the choices available. If you’re feeling like that, then what you need is a starting point to help you narrow down your choices so here are three very different lace designs to get you back on track.

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Emery

Most brides want a little bit of drama on their big day. If you’re in agreement then Emery lace isn’t for you as this design has a LOT of drama! This is a seriously grand design, which will have all eyes on the bride sashaying proudly down the aisle. The lace is a floral design, covered with an abundance of beautiful poppies, each of which is embellished with small yet unmissable ivory sequins. Emery lace is meant to grace a lavish wedding gown so let your sense of luxury loose and go wild!

Blush Beaded Lace: Lorna

For a subtle, sensual look, Lorna beaded lace is the one to go for. There is still that sense of drama but the blush colouration and soft embellishment gives an altogether more sophisticated look, which is enhanced with the staggered border, small floral motifs and foliage. We absolutely love this design and can’t wait to see what our customers create using it.

Ivory Sequinned Lace: Finley

This is an especially versatile design as it is formed without borders, giving the ultimate in flexibility. An ivory tulle base has been covered with a dense arrangement of ivory and translucent sequins, creating a truly astonishing effect. Check out our video and order a sample to experience this enchanting lace for yourself!

Visit the product pages for more details and, while you’re at it it, check out the new Antique Rose Contessa too; we are expecting to see some exciting wedding gown designs using this fabric and we know that our talented customers won’t let us down.

Don’t forget to send us photos of your creations for our gallery!

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