A Feather Flirtation

A Feather Flirtation

What screams fun, frivolity and a bit of flirtation if it isn’t feathers?
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What screams fun, frivolity and a bit of flirtation if it isn’t feathers?  For those vibrant and confident brides who want to make a statement on their special day, feathers are a fabulous choice!

Feathered wedding styles have hit the wedding scene in a bold way. From textured feathered accents, to fully feathered gowns, we have seen it all. It looks like this stunning feathered trend is going to continue for now, and we are absolutely loving it. Feathers add a bold, modern twist to even the most classic of styles.  Find below a few feathered laces we’ve plucked from our range!


Chantelle is an ivory beaded and feathered lace which features a flamboyant wing design highlighted with a champagne filigree thread and inter­mit­tently are spaced luxurious white feathers.  The wings are extremely heavily embellished with a variety of beads and pearls, so that the fabric has a wonderful heavy ‘swish’ to it – sumptuous and certainly wow!


Euphoria is a stunning art deco inspired Ivory Feather Lace design with fans and feathers reminiscent of the glamour of the silver screen in early Hollywood.  The symmetrical theme of fans, circles and a marquise shape repeats with the embel­lis­hment of single feather strands (15cm/6") giving the fabric its striking look.  The circular pattern within the fabric adds to the bold and confident design resulting in a scalloped edge (16cm/6.3").  This is a superb feathered choice.


Nikita can only be described as spectacular. Each motif has a series of feathers radiating from the centre, which are attached using pearls and beads. The motif is further decorated with both ivory and colourless beads and filigree thread. The leaves of the bouquet are shaded with embroidery and embellished with sequins.


We also offer a couture embroidery feathered fabric called Angel, a truly exceptional design, which is sure to catch the eye of many of our couture bridal customers. Our designer has taken an 100% Silk ivory georgette fabric and then embellished it with unusual rings on tulle and then bands of soft, extravagant ivory feathers.


Or if it’s a trim you’re after we offer a variety of feather trims.  Check out Eider, Saxony and Ostrich.


Order your free samples or get in touch to learn more. Don’t forget, if you have a Bridal Fabrics creation, please send us a picture at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and we’ll feature it on our website.

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