No Old, No Borrowed, No Blue, Just NEW!

And all for you...
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Never mind the old. We don't need anything borrowed. And thanks, but we can live without blue as well. Because today is all about NEW and we are heart-racingly excited to bring you a tempting trio of treats, freshly added to our collection and ready for you start getting semi-hysterical about too! Someone fetch our smelling salts….

You can’t tell, but half an hour has passed since that first paragraph was written. We’ve calmed down, had a cup of tea and cancelled the marriage proposals we impulsively sent to everyone in our email contact list, just so we could get a chance to wear these new designs ourselves. And so without further ado, here are those crucial details of the new fabrics that have got even us, who work with bridal material every day, in a tizzy…

All of the designs are rendered in ivory, which is on one of its pendulous swings back into the top spot that it shares with white. So as well as being the latest styles, they’re also in the most fashionable colour in haute couture right now and will be even more on trend at your wedding.

Lourdes: Ivory Beaded Lace
Lourdes will mean one of two things to you: either the site of a miracle healing or Madonna’s beautiful daughter. Whichever you’re on the right lines because Lourdes lace is both miraculous AND beautiful, with a combination of bead styles forming a striking foliage-and-flowers pattern. Simply gorgeous.

Pleasance: Ivory Sequined Lace
For those of you who prefer a non-floral design, Pleasance is a real treat for the eyes. This lace knows nothing of minimalism and instead glorifies in a style reminiscent of the rich, exuberant and luxuriant Art Deco period. Though definitely not minimal, that doesn’t mean without subtlety and the soft sequins ensure glitter without garishness.


OK, we stayed calm and made it all the way through the article. Now we’re going to go and look at the fabric again. You know, just to check it’s still there. If we can find it in our hearts to share this good fortune with you, then you can order then new lace designs!

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