How to Shine Bright, Like a Diamond!

Diamonds are the new black...
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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that doesn’t just mean the jewels! Wedding dress material featuring diamond shapes is big news right now and we have got lots of lace that fits in with the trend as well as glittering embellishments...

Ivory-Sequinned-Lace---AnyaAnya Ivory Sequinned Lace

Shimmer and shine is what you get with one of our bestselling laces: Anya. With endless beading and sequins which result in a heavily embellished diamond pattered lace. This is a statement lace, Anya also features bang on tread feather like threads. This is a fantastic eye catching lace with will make a stunning dress. 

Barbara Ivory Beaded Lace

If you like to stand out and are looking for an exciting, unusual fabric, then Barbara could be the ideal design for you. Featuring sequins, beads and pearls which make up an eyecatching series of closely-spaced vertical lines, this lace is framed by a border linking to a selection of differently-sized geometric shapes throughout the body. A premium choice for a lucky bride, Barbara ivory lace is something very special.

Maeve Ivory Sequinned Lace

Treading a fine yet clearly distinct line between wedding dress material and wedding dress embellishment, this is an especially-interesting design that is well worth a second (.. and third.. and fourth..!) glance. A glimmering array of pale ivory sequins, each added randomly to form separate groups and unique textures, is suspended in a net-like framework that forms an eye-catching pattern of diamonds.

Aries Crystal Embroidery

Aries the Ram stands as the very first sign in the zodiac; headstrong, dramatic and decadent, it is the perfect astrological sign for this bold and shimmering crystal embroidery to take its name from. Measuring a generous 17.5cm x 9.5cm, the Aries crystal embroidery features a cluster of gorgeous diamantes shaped into a floral design, which has been skillfully embroidered by hand. The central diamante cluster is tulle-covered to give an astounding visual effect and filigree thread, clear and silver sequins, tubular beads and pearls have been used to provide added shimmer and sheen.

Genesis Crystal Trim

This embellishment is beautifully geometric, with diamonds appearing from tightly-packed areas of pearls and beads. The diamonds repeat equally along the full length of this bold trim and are occasionally highlighted with carefully-placed diamantes which catch and refract light playfully.

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