Veiled Beauty: Our Favourite Fabrics

Veiled Beauty: Our Favourite Fabrics

We love wedding veils and you will too when you see our fabrics!

The wedding veil is an ancient tradition, dating back to biblical times. Although originally worn purely for religious reasons, the veil can now be used to add a touch of mystique and glamour to a wedding gown, creating an exciting moment of tension before the bride's beauty is revealed to the groom and guests when the veil is finally lifted.

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Many cultures employ a disguising of the bride to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Several aspects of the bridal veil, including its lifting and its colour, are highly symbolic; brides in the Roman era would don a veil of a bold flame colour, the flammeum, intended to drive wicked spirits away from the wedding. Modern veils show a stunning variety of form, from the subtle, vintage lace style to the more contemporary, glittering and dramatically-coloured examples.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics stock an extensive selection of high-quality bridal tulle and net that is ideal for creating unique and stunning veils. Each material has a different weight, composition and stiffness in order to provide the most comprehensive range of fabrics. Some of our most popular bridal nets and tulles are detailed below.

A classic choice, Crescendo is a beautiful nylon tulle that is absolutely ideal for creating a wedding veil. A generous width of 295cm gives this lace a fulsome quality and the three available colours, ivory, white and silk-white, will blend perfectly with almost any classic wedding gown. The simplicity of this design means it has infinite versatility, adapting to anything from a vintage lace gown to the most contemporary design.

Symphony is an enchanting tulle designed with particular reference to vintage wedding dresses. The net is particulary soft, at once stiffer and looser than organza and chiffon, giving Symphony a flowing drape that is superior to standard netting. Lightweight, ephemerous and sheer, this superlative wedding dress fabric is perfect for creating a veil and is also used extensively in the making of trains and full skirts. Symphony is available in a choice of four colours; black, white, silk-white and ivory.

A touch of drama, glamour and sophistication is brought to our collection by Sparkle, a soft and lightweight tulle. The fabric features diamond-shaped perforations and is covered with a bold and striking sparkle, adding a shimmering, exotic effect to the bridal gown. Sparklis one of our most popular fabrics for creating intriguing and eye-catching veils.

Please enjoy browsing our full range of bridal tulle and net. For more information on any of our products, please contact our team on 01254 873333 or email

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