Fantasy Black: Black Lace for Bespoke Alternative Wedding Dresses & Evening Wear

Fantasy Black: Black Lace for Bespoke Alternative Wedding Dresses & Evening Wear

Black lace is perfect for alternative wedding dresses and bespoke evening wear
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Though white wedding dress material is a staple of bridal couture, its polar opposite has plenty of fans too. Black lace and other black fabrics and embellishments can be used to exciting dramatic effect when used to create alternative wedding gowns and evening wear. Whet your dark appetite with these delightfully decadent black fabrics...

Legend Bridal Ebony

Ebony: Black Beaded Raschel Lace

Ebony: Black Beaded Raschel Lace

Striking, eyecatching and breathtakingly beautiful, Ebony black lace features a hypnotic design combining floral and paisley elements.

These are lovingly embellished with beadwork, cording and sequins, creating an exuberant yet tasteful fabric perfect for evening wear.


Eloise: Black Corded Lace

Eloise: Black Corded Lace

The background for Eloise black lace is a medium tulle, which is cleverly broken up with petite floral motifs in addition to the single flowers that dominate the subtle design.

Identical scalloped edges frame the lace fabric and feature a stylish 5-flowered corded motif as a flamboyant finishing touch. Eloise is also available in ivory or white.


Supreme: Luxury Duchess Satin in Black

The rich, luxurious handle of this polyester satin is practically indistinguishable from real silk. Perfect for creating full dresses or skirts that will grab everyone's attention, this essential wedding dress and evening wear material is available in many other colour choices as well as black, including ivory, white, navy, oyster and almond.

Black Polyester satin - Supreme

Jett: Black Lace Trim

The addition of lace trim can totally transform the look of a wedding gown or evening dress, especially when it is as attractive as Jett. Asymmetric edges, one straight and one scalloped, effortlessly combine the traditional with the modern and the high spandex content means that Jett black lace trim is particularly stretchy.

Black Lace Trim - Jett

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