NEW: Recycled Eco Fabrics for Sustainable Wedding Dresses from Bridal Fabrics

Recycled Eco Fabrics from Bridal Fabrics

Eco fabrics are sustainable, kind to the environment and look fabulous!

Awareness of the pressing need to protect the environment continues to grow and the effects of this can be seen across the spectrum of industry. This includes the arena of couture wedding dress material and Bridal Fabrics is proud to introduce a range of NEW eco fabrics that, as well as looking absolutely fabulous, help to protect the planet for future generations to enjoy.

All of the following fabrics are made in Italy using recycled materials, offering a sustainable, guilt-free way for brides and couture dressmakers to create stunning wedding dresses with minimal environmental impact.


Secret: Ivory Eco Duchess Satin

Ivory Eco Duchess Satin (140cm/55") - Secret

Made using recycled polyester, this wonderfully crisp bridal material weighs 175 gsm (grams per square metre). Secret Eco Duchess Satin has a delightfully rich handle and is infinitely versatile.


Ensconce: Ivory Eco Soft Mikado

Ivory Eco Soft Mikado - (145cm/57") - Ensconce

Once ensconced in this delightfully soft mikado fabric, the wearer is transported to a fabulous fairytale world. The recycled polyester yarn lends the material a firm stretch and a light weight of just 114 gsm.


Monument: Ivory Eco Faille

Ivory Eco Faille - (140cm/54") - Monument

Exclusively available in ivory, Monument is a superb faille fabric that also utilises recycled polyester in its manufacture. A smooth, flexible handle ensures that working with this fabric is a pleasure.


Conceal: Ivory Eco Taffeta

Ivory Eco Taffeta (143 cm/55") - Conceal

You certainly won't want to conceal any garment made using this eco taffeta, in fact you'll want to show it off to the world! Made using recycled plastic bottles, Conceal is a decidedly elegant sustainable fabric.


For more information about how these sustainable eco fabrics are produced, look out for a forthcoming blog article on the Bridal Fabrics website: subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss out. To experience the beauty of these NEW eco-friendly wedding dress materials for yourself, request your two free samples today.

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