Bridal Fabric and Making the Right Selection

Bridal Fabric and Making the Right Selection

Congratulations! You're engaged to the man of your dreams. Next job is to start planning the wedding and most important of all is of course the wedding gown.

Congratulations! You're engaged to the man of your dreams. Next job is to start planning the wedding and most important of all is of course the wedding gown. It must be the dress of your dreams - the one that you've been imagining since you were a little girl! The wedding dress is such a major part of any wedding and it is for this reason that when selecting your bridal fabrics you should make the right selection.

Everyone realises just how important the wedding dress is to a blushing bride and so in order to make the right fabric selection choice it is a good idea to first draw out a design. Design plays a huge role in fabric selection as you need fabrics which are capable of bringing your design to life!

Bridal Fabrics have many excited brides come in to view and select bridal fabric for their special day. They bring in designs and although they may think they know which fabric they want or have a rough idea, sometimes we have to use our experience to guide them as to their suitability. This is where we can help as our expert team can spend time with you, recommending various bridal qualities we offer and advise on what would be best for each part of the dress as well as suggesting how much of the bridal fabric you will require. For more precise fabric ratings, we would recommend  you to consult a dress maker.

Bridal lace is an extremely popular choice for many brides at the moment and this is probably because of the bridal lace which was used on Kate Middleton’s dress. Whatever the reason, we have one of the largest selections of bridal lace within the UK and so are well worth a visit. If we are too far away, why not order some of our free samples either on the website or by phone.  If you do select lace to use on your wedding dress then we have all the matching lace appliqués and lace edgings so every little detail of your wedding dress design is taken care of.

In addition to our more traditional bridal laces, we also offer ribbon lace fabrics which add a unique touch to any wedding dress. The ribbon is sewn onto a mesh type material into a whole range of patterns and lines.

Usually a bride will have gone into great detail when designing her dress and in most cases the bodice part of the dress is the most decorative. We have a number of bodice brocades which can add that striking appeal and contrast between the bodice part of the dress and the skirt.

When the bridal fabric has been selected we have all the interlinings and linings that you will require so that you can get all the fabrics that your dressmaker needs in one place.

If you are designing your wedding dress yourself and require bridal fabrics then ensure you come to us for a professional, friendly and helpful service where you can get high quality fabrics at a reasonable price along with all the help and guidance you need.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 873333 or email

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