It Is Not All About The Bride!

It Is Not All About The Bride!

It goes without saying that a wedding involves two people - the bride and the groom.
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It goes without saying that a wedding involves two people - the bride and the groom. The saying goes that it is the "Brides Day" but in truth, it is every bit as important for the groom to look his best on this day as it is the bride. Bridal Fabrics have a number of groom fabrics which are ideal for his special day.

Obviously it is important for the groom and the bride to coordinate and usually there is a colour scheme which will be present. Usually at a formal wedding, the groom will wear suit with tails and a waistcoat, a dress shirt, with a tie or cravat.  Although this is the norm, it is important that the groom too can show a bit of uniqueness just as his blushing bride does with the selection of her wedding dress. The key items which the groom will choose to emphasize are:


An ideal groom fabric for the waistcoat is a Jacquard Brocade. This fabric can come in a range of designs, patterns, colors and styles and some may even have embellishment on them for that special touch. Bridal Fabrics are the only company within the UK who weave the Jacquard Brocade fabric and therefore we have a fantastic selection with some really striking designs.

Tie or Cravat

Usually the tie or the cravat will be the item which the groom wears in the color of the wedding. For example if the wedding colors are purple, cream and silver then the groom may wear a purple tie or cravat. The waistcoat is in most cases the patterned part of the grooms suit and then the tie or bow tie would be in a plain fabric which as mentioned matches the colour scheme.  Bridal Fabrics have a whole range of fabrics which are suitable for ties and bow ties and we have these in a full range of colours so that every colour scheme imaginable can be matched. The most suitable fabric for neckwear is Majestic Satin. We also have our own in house sewing factory which is able to make any accessory.


These have become less popular however still many grooms choose to wear them. These are a broad waist sash normally pleated worn with a tuxedo and can be worn instead of a waistcoat. Again these will match the tie or bow tie and therefore are in a plain fabric although not in all cases.

If you are a groom and are looking for help and guidance on selecting groom fabrics for your special day then come to Bridal Fabrics.

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