Get Expert Help When Choosing Bridal Fabric and Groom Fabric

Get Expert Help When Choosing Bridal Fabric and Groom Fabric

Choosing bridal fabric or groom fabric is most definitely not the easiest of tasks especially when this is such a special day!
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Choosing bridal fabric or groom fabric is most definitely not the easiest of tasks especially when this is such a special day and everything has to be simply perfect!

Before choosing to buy just any old fabric for your wedding dress or for use on the groom for waistcoats, ties, cummerbunds and elsewhere then you need to consider the various options available to you. Bridal Fabrics have laid out a number of popular choices, what they are usually used for and reasoning why they may be so popular.

Satin is a very popular choice for many brides as it has a shiny surface and oozes grace. When this is combined with embellishments and bridal laces it can compliment any bride’s natural curves and shape. Satin is a popular choice for the groom as well for use for his tie, bow tie and cummerbund. It comes in a full range of colours which means it can compliment or match any wedding colour theme.

Silk is a very popular choice as a wedding fabric too and this is usually because of its breathable properties. Again as with the Satin bridal fabrics, silk is extremely luxurious. The groom may too want to have silk ties, bow ties and a silk cummerbund as silk is available in a full range of colours which again means that it can compliment or match any colour which has been chosen for the wedding.

Both Satin and Silks can be found in our plain fabrics section although there is nothing all that plain about them at all! Make sure you take a look at the full selection of colours which we have in each type of fabric.

A Brocade is a brilliant fabric for adding that striking appeal to a bride or groom's attire.Our range is extremely modern and stylish with a full range of patterns. Brocade fabric for brides is usually used on the bodice of wedding gowns.  For grooms the brocade fabric is used for the waistcoats. Our diverse and stock supported range of designs can be found in Jacquard brocade. Brocades give the illusion that the fabric has had a design embroidered onto it when in reality brocade fabric has the patterning actually woven into the fabric itself.

Bridal Lace has become more and more popular following the Royal Wedding when Kate Middleton wore a lace dress. Wedding Laces coming in a wide range of different qualities and weights. Our choice of laces offers our customers a wide selection, with some incorporating heavy beading, sequins and diamantes and other featuring cording. Chantilly laces are extremely fine and lightweight and can be almost transparent. Most designs are offered in ivory, but some also in white and black. Some designs are also available as an edging or trim - see lace edgings. These can be used to edge a veil or the bottom of a dress.

Embellished fabrics allow the brides to stand out on their big day. Browse our crystal embellished fabrics which glint and glisten in the light as they move. Although the majority may choose these for use as their veil material there are some which have our crystal embellished fabrics as an overlay on their skirt or bodice. For those who want a bit of sparkle but not as a whole piece then they may opt for some of our crystal edgings which can be used on the sleeves of the dress, around the neck line or on the bottom of the dress.

If you are planning your wedding and need some help in selecting your bridal fabric and groom fabric then you need an expert. Bridal Fabrics have an expert team which has been in this industry for a number of years. We know our fabrics inside out and take the time to listen to exactly what our customers want. From this we can then recommend a number of choices to them for them to then make the final decision.

The hardest part will be choosing just a few of our bridal and groom fabrics as there are so many stunning designs and options available to you.

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