Ivory Beaded Fabric Wedding Dress

Beaded Fabric Trends

Beaded fabrics are a luxurious option and are often favoured by the couture bride.  From lavish and extravagant heavily beaded fabric to fabrics with a modest smattering of beads, here at Bridal Fabrics we stock the choicest selection of beaded fabrics. With so many brides destined to get married, beaded fabric is bang on trend for an exquisite and opulent wedding dress.


Beaded Fabric on a Tulle Base

A large proportion of our beaded fabric collection have a tulle base.  Most are on an ivory tulle base but some are on nude or coloured tulle.  The beads are sewn on to the tulle in either a dense or more sparse arrangement.  One of our best selling beaded fabrics is called Sensilla which is an extravagantly ornate sequinned bridal Tulle, that measures 132 cm (52") wide. This is a favourite of our couture clients and is a sophisticated product with beads, sequins and pearls.  Another example on a nude tulle is Zola, a glamorous and spectacular champagne Tulle that has been embellished with diamantés and beads.  We also have beaded fabrics that incorporate diamantes for additional sparkle and glamour.  For example Arlette and Vignette which are supremely attractive fabrics for a lavish wedding gown.  For an example of a lighter beaded fabric Donatella is a fabulous choice.  It is an elegant, feminine ivory tulle fabric embellished with sequins, pearls, beads and filligree thread. The pattern gradually dissipates in density, moving from one edge to the other. 

Colored Beaded Fabric

In addition to a range of bridal colours such as ivory, white, diamond white and champagne, we also have a range of beaded fabric in vibrant colours.  Britte is one of best selling beaded fabrics and is so popular we expanded the range of options.  The ivory has a silvery cast to it and we also stock this heavily beaded fabric in red, navy, nude, grey, gold, black, orange and green. There are plenty of options for mother of the bride, prom or evening wear.  We also have a vibrant nude tulle fabric beaded with colourful pearlescent beads called Clarette.  This fabric is so much fun and well worth a sample.



Beaded Fabric on Georgette 

A sumptuous choice of fabric is a lovely lightweight Georgette. Combine this with beads and the resulting beaded fabric is pure delight.  Mallory, a beaded georgette combines the two.  Available in both ivory and white this elegant fabric is an exceptional choice for a wedding dress.  We also offer a georgette adorned with ivory sequins called Babette which is another wonderful choice.



With so many beaded fabrics to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice with the selection from Bridal Fabrics.  You can feel confident buying online by watching the videos of our products, ordering samples of the fabric and reading our many testimonials.  We carry our fabrics in stock so we are able to dispatch very quickly for delivery worldwide in just a few days.  If you would like any more information about our selection of beaded fabrics please contact us.

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