Here's How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Here's How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Getting engaged to be married is incredibly exciting, with all of the big plans that couples start making. At the forefront of the bride's mind is creating her own uniquely perfect wedding dress, which should be as individual as she is herself. Here are three of our gorgeous wedding dress fabrics that could make it happen...

Uhura: Ivory Guipure Lace

Soft cotton is used to create a lattice background, onto which a complex pattern of flowers is emblazoned. Identical edges on each side frame this repeating design, which is exuberant, exciting and evocative.

Monroe: Ivory Beaded Lace

Intricate and elegant, the pattern that adorns the ivory tulle base of Monroe speaks for itself. Minimal embellishment is needed to highlight and enhance the hypnotic array of swirling shapes: the subtle sprinkling of sequins and pale ivory beads is just right and will let you create a lace wedding dress that is just divine.


Carmel: Ivory Beaded and Corded Lace

A lightweight raschel fabric has been hand-embroidered with floral bouquets in a magnificent display. These blooms are embellished with artfully placed pearls, transparent sequins, spherical beads and the finest of ivory cords. Check out Wisconsin and Stacey on our website: these trims work beautifully with Carmel lace for classy couture coordination.


To see lots more pictures of gowns and other wedding wear created using our materials, check out the gallery on our website. Enjoy your engagement!

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