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With so many different looks for the modern bride it must be an overwhelming choice, especially if you're not expert on fabrics.  Luckily, we are!  There are so many different lace options to choose from and this blog is all about one of them - Guipure Lace.

Nestled in amongst our collection of embroidered lace, Chantilly lace, beaded lace and sequin lace is a large section of a heavier weight lace fabric with holes in it!  'Holes!' I hear you exclaim. These are actually 'gaps' between the twisted yarn of the lace fabric that assist Guipure lace with its attractive finish.

In modern production the lace is woven or embroidered on to a base fabric which is then dissolved away to leave the 'gaps' in the lace.  The pattern of the lace needs to be interconnected so it doesn't fall apart and a Guipure lace can only be Guipure if it does not have a net or tulle base and consists of this open weave.

Guipure lace has been a mainstay of bridal lace wedding dresses since the 18th Century and when you take a closer look you'll realise why its popularity has never waned.

We're incredibly proud of the beautiful and extensive Guipure lace collection that we offer at Bridal Fabrics supplied with no minimum requirements.  Here we've picked out a few wonderful examples of this mesmerising lace that demonstrate both its diversity of design and beauty.



 Romane lace has a real boho vibe.  Totally unembellished and, as with most Guipure lace, relatively heavy.  This is a light ivory with a matt finish and is one of our most popular designs. 



Ivory Guipure lace Gretel is a geometric design of interconnected rows of flowers and shapes.  It's delicate and pretty and is a mid ivory tone. 




Lucy is a stylish Guipure lace available in both ivory and white. It incorporates a champagne metallic filigree thread. The floral design is exquisite.



Guinevere is a pretty lace of interconnecting vines with little flowers incorporated into the design.  It's very attractive and come in two shades.  One of the most delicate in the Guipure collection it is relatively lightweight.



Vita has finesse and immense appeal.  A light ivory lace that features flower motifs incorporating 3D detail giving this lace a truly modern appeal.

We offer samples of our lace and fabrics and the first two are free so don't hesitate to order yours.  Feeling the handle of this lace and seeing the design close up is a sure way to fall in love.  We also have a selection of pictures and videos to help you make your selection. Should you wish to find out more get in touch with our team of advisers.

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