Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

The winter wedding is becoming increasingly popular. Although winter used to be something of an off-season for nuptials...

The winter wedding is becoming increasingly popular. Although winter used to be something of an off-season for nuptials, snowy ambience with the added bonus of reduced rates at most venues means more and more couples are deciding to tie the knot during the winter months. The winter aesthetic allows lots of room for creative, innovative wedding ideas. Themed food and drink menus, invitations and centrepieces can all add a wondrous, magical touch to the proceedings, as can expert creative touches such as carefully-placed candles and bunches of thick, warm velvet. Winter flowers are beautifully varied, including the sumptuous Calla lily and fragrant Amaryllis. A popular feature at a winter wedding reception is a roaring log fire, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Great thought must be given to the winter wedding dress. Bridal fabrics are great in number and the choice must be perfectly suited to the bride. Lace appliqué, crystal embellishments and accents are perfectly suited to the low, flat light of a winter day, adding a glamorous and eye-catching look to the gown. Silver is a particularly good colour of wedding dress material for use during winter and looks very beguiling when teamed with coloured or black lace. As the dress is such an important part of the day, it often takes an extended amount of time to decide on the exact specifications. For this reason, many brides are already planning their winter wedding dress in the middle of summer.

One thing to consider is the question of warmth. The bride must be completely comfortable at every stage of the day and this includes keeping her warm. To overcome this problem, interlinings are often employed. These fit between the face and lining of the garment and protects and extend the life of the fabric. Most importantly, the interlinings provide a layer of insulation which adds to the warmth and comfort of the wearer.

Platinum bridal Fabrics provide a range of interlinings suitable for bridal gowns. Thick and durable whilst being soft and flexible, our superior interlinings can give a better drape and fuller body to the dress. As with all of our products, our experts can give full, clear advice on which type and style of interlining would be best for your particular needs. If you are thinking of a winter wedding, please contact our dedicated team for everything you need to make it perfect.

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