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Black Lace

Black Lace


Black Lace is only rarely used as a component in wedding gowns but when it is done so, the effect can be breath taking.

There are a number of black lace fabrics available in our range, which on their own, have an eye-catching appeal due to their intricate patterns and designs. One of the great things about the Black Lace is that it can be extremely decorative when beading is applied and as can be seen below, we do have some beaded lace available in black.

Sometimes black lace is actually used within a lot of eveningwear and lingerie. You will have seen a number of going out dresses, tops, skirts and even pants with black lace incorporated into them. For eveningwear beading and diamantes are added as well as sequins to give it that glam look. When it is used in lingerie a sexy appeal is required and the wearer needs to feel special and confident, black lace is ideal for this purpose.

Wedding Dress Fabrics offers a select range of Black Laces, that can be used for a multitude of end uses.

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