Buy online white lace

Buy online white lace

Pure white is the perfect wedding dress color. A white lace fabric potrays more purity, timelessness, and elegance in your garment. At Bridal Fabrics, we intend to help you do just that, with our wide range of laces, but also with our tulles and various fabrics.

We are a family owned and operated business based in Darwen, UK, from where we have been working to come up with the best decorative elements to help you design your wedding dresses, since 1932. Have trust in our passion, our undoubted good taste and our constantly reaffirmed commitment to remain at the forefront of design and style.

Our white lace fabrics

Our white laces are chantilly, guipure, raschel and embroidered. Beaded, corded, feathered or decorated with 3D elements, they are bohemian, geometric, classic or floral. Check out our selection in a few clicks and choose.

Take for example our White Embroidered Lace Autumn which is adorned with a striking motif of large white embroidered leaf. This lace is 138 cm wide. If you want a free sample, you'll find that it has a stiffer, heavier feel than most of our other items. It has a tulle base with silky threads that glitter in the light. Also, check out the Naomi White Beaded Floral Lace.

White lace

This 132 cm lace has a floral bouquet design and identical borders with short fringe. The floral pattern features two three-dimensional laser-cut center flowers and a large diamond, with leaves embellished with tubular beads. Each yard of Naomi lace consists of approximately 36 designs that you can cut individually to decorate your wedding dress. Your white lace is also suitable for veils and headpieces.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Our offer is for you, wedding dress designers. Our items come from all over the world (France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, China, India, etc.) and to date we have several hundred different designs. For us to always offer you splendid fabrics of the highest quality and variety, we also like to visit international sales exhibitions. Furthermore, we are always stay in touch with you and encourage you to bring out your needs and expectations.

White lace online

If you would like to be able to handle your white lace fabric or embroidered tulle, manipulate it and check its color, sheen, texture, and details, we will be happy to offer you 2 samples to reassure you that you are making the right choice.

This offer applies to all of our fabrics except those that can be used as is, i.e. lace appliques and crystal designs. We also offer books with printed images of our lace fabrics and demonstration cards. Would you like to purchase relatively small quantities of fabrics? This is possible. Our fabrics are usually offered in rolls, but we are more than willing to sell you shorter lengths if you wish. You can specify any kind of length, even if it's only a yard or two.

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