Beautiful Black Lace: Buy the Best Quality

Beautiful Black Lace: Buy the Best Quality

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Lace is a fabric style that is appreciated for its certain aesthetic qualities and timelessness. To offer ever more refinement, distinction, luxury, modernity and elegance to your wedding dresses, consider embellishing them with black lace.

At Bridal Fabrics, we've been true bridal lace specialists since 1932. Find the perfect black lace fabric from our particularly wide range to make dresses that will delight your customers. We offer lace gals, tulles and many other types of fabrics among others.

Our black lace fabrics

Chech out the Black Corded Lace Calisto from our range of black lace fabrics. Calisto is a gorgeous black lace with a beautifully embroidered black tulle base, enriched with strings and shiny black sequins. This lace is 132 cm wide. Our 132 cm wide Gaynor black sequin embroidery lace brings out some mystery and oppression. Its base is a black embroidered tulle that displays large flowers decorated with cords and sequins and will produce a strong impression on you.

black lace fabric

The Ernestine Black and Silver Embroidered Lace is a beautiful embroidered tulle with lots of floral details. Its black embroidery blends harmoniously with delicate silver threads, for an absolutely elegant result. Some of the flowers, by their design, manage to bring to the whole a three-dimensional charm of a remarkable effect. You can bring out a contemporary and very elegant piece with the Garbina black and silver embroidered lace.

Garbina has a black tulle base with black and silver embroidery. It is adorned with a beautiful variety of sequins and beads, while its floral design consists of a multitude of summer flowers. Also check out the Immaculata Black Embroidered Lace. This black embroidered lace is very attractive, especially with its striking dramatic note. Its black tulle base equally has an interesting pattern that repeats over 32 cm, while its embroidery is embellished with strings and sequins. The result is very pleasing.

Be inspired by us

At Bridal Fabrics, we how difficult it sometimes is to decide on a cut or dress fabric, especially when you have high quality standards. If you have trouble deciding or you're lacking inspiration, we suggest you check out our photo gallery, where you can see some absolutely stunning creations. Many of the photos you'll see have been sent in by our customers, as a token of appreciation. Looking at them, you'll be amazed by the effect our fabrics have on finished garments.

Also take a look at the videos we have posted on our website. Anyway, to help you make your choice with as much certainty as possible, we invite you to request samples of the fabrics you are most interested in. We offer 2 free of charge for all of our items, except for crystal designs and lace appliques. All our fabrics are kept in stock in a warehouse.

As soon as you place your offer, the fabrics are ready for delivery to the address of your choice. If your order was placed before 2pm on a business day, the product will be shipped the same day.

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