Wedding Dress Glitz with Glitter Lace Fabric

Wedding Dress Glitz

Wedding dress material with glitz, glitter and glamour

Most brides want their wedding gown to have that magical feeling and glitter lace fabric is the ideal way to ensure that it does. Whether it's subtle sparkle or all-out glitz that you want, you're sure to find it on the Bridal Fabrics website. Here are four shimmering styles to inspire you..


Nirvana: Ivory Glitter Lace

Ivory Glitter Lace - Nirvana

Just as heavenly as its name suggests, Nirvana ivory glitter lace is exquisite, fascinating and utterly resplendent. The mesmeric design is created using an ivory tulle base, which has been lavishly embellished with silver sequins and glitter.


Murdina: Ivory Glitter 3D Lace

Ivory Glitter 3D Lace - Murdina

Unashamedly glamorous, Murdina 3D glitter lace features an exciting contemporary design running throughout. The ivory elements of this lace fabric stand proud of the glitter tulle background, resulting in a spectacular 3D effect.


Aileen: Ivory Glitter 3D Lace

Ivory Glitter 3D Lace - Aileen

The name 'Aileen' is of Irish origin and means 'bright shining light', which perfectly describes the gorgeous glistening effect of this ivory lace fabric. A modern, tasteful floral pattern stretches across the tulle, comprising silver and ivory glitterised 3D detailing.


Donaldina: Ivory Glitter Lace

Ivory Glitter Lace - Donaldina

Compelling, charming and captivating, Donaldina ivory glitter lace features a pattern of floral motifs on a large, bold scale. Arranged elegantly onto an ivory glitter tulle base, these motifs work together to present a dramatic and daring display.


If you want to go for glitter, then you have plenty of exciting styles to choose from here on the Bridal Fabrics website. Sit back, relax and browse through the options and be prepared to be amazed!

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