Wedding Dress Appliques with Flower Power!

Flower Appliques for wedding dress

A selection of fabric flower appliques
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Every bride wants their wedding dress to be absolutely unique. A fast, reliable and ultra-effective way to give that individual, bespoke look to any garment is with the use of appliques: in this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog, we focus on a superlative selection of fabric flower appliques.


Deidre: Crystallised Flower Applique

Crystalised Flower Applique - Deidre

 To create this luxurious and elegant floral applique, our designer has begun with a base of quality organza fabric. Onto this, an alluring array of diamantes has been delicately sprinkled, resulting in a subtle shimmer. Deidre is an especially versatile motif, which creative designers will find a multitude of uses for. Don't forget to check out our matching trim!


Aconite: Ivory Embroidered Flower

Ivory Embroidered Flower - Aconite (Bags of 10)

 Each of these ivory sew on flowers features several petals, which are made using pure organza fabric of truly sumptuous quality. Sequins, pearls and beads have been added to these petals with a generous hand, further enhancing the luxury. Aconite ivory embroidered leaves are supplied in packs of 10.


Astilbe: Ivory Embroidered Flowers

Ivory Embroidered Flower - Astilbe (Bags of 10)

 An organza base has been expertly embroidered with an extravagant floral motif. Measuring 5cm x 5cm, Astilbe ivory embroidered flowers are supplied in packs of 10.


Phlox: Ivory Embroidered Flowers

Ivory Embroidered Flower - Phlox (Bags of 10)

 These ivory embroidered flower appliques, supplied in packs of 10, are the perfect match for all kinds of floral lace. At 6.5cm x 6cm, they are big, bold and oh-so-beautiful!


Aster: Crystal Embroidery

Crystal Embroidery - Aster

 Though ivory is the predominant colour used to create this unique wedding dress embellishment, there are subtle additions of White and Silver elements that work in perfect harmony. A number of different yet complementary materials are used in the fabrication of Aster, including beads, chiffon, diamantes, filigree thread and petal-shaped sequins.


Check out these and more fabric floral appliques on our website. Feel the power of the flower!

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