Superlative Style: Duchess Satin

Duchess Satin: Superlative Style

A truly unique wedding dress... or jumpsuit!
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Though every wedding is of course unique, a large proportion of them feature two common elements: a place of worship or registry office and a bridal gown. But when bride Lucy married groom Judd, both of these traditional elements were nowhere to be seen. Instead, they were replaced by an old warehouse and a jumpsuit! Read on to discover the details of this quirky, fabulous marriage ceremony...

Lucy is an artist and was determined to make her wedding a true one-of-a-kind event. Inspired by the many varied passions and interests of the couple, the wedding was held at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, a building which has been re-purposed as a versatile events space.

For the past five years, Lucy has been designing and making clothes under her own label, 'Little Lost Soul'. In a flurry of experimentation, Lucy made a total of FIVE different wedding dresses before hitting on the idea of a jumpsuit. "I am just not a dress kind of girl," Lucy said, "the day I admitted to myself that it was okay to not wear a dress was so liberating! There are no rules!”.

Lucy's unique jumpsuit was made using Duchess satin, purchased from us here at Bridal Fabrics. The wedding dress featured delicate, ultra-feminine spaghetti straps, keyhole detail, a sweetheart neckline and stunning palazzo trousers. An Italian tulle top completed her breathtaking look.

Want to find out more about Duchess satin? Check the product pages on our website!

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