It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding!

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding!

White wedding dress material is on trend for 2019
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With the white wedding dress being so popular and the image so classic and enduring, it is surprising to learn that the look did not become standard until after 1840 and the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Today, white lace vies constantly with ivory as the most-popular choice: which is your favourite?

Welcome to the first in a 2-part series of articles that will help you decide. This article looks at white lace and fabric, showcasing two of our favourite styles in this colour.

White lace has the benefit of being eminently versatile. As well as capturing the essence of any light source and thus seeming to transform constantly, it provides the perfect neutral backdrop for any colours of flowers and décor. The clean crispness of white lace fabric also works perfectly with all manner of wedding dress embellishments.


Annalisa: White Beaded Chantilly Lace

White Beaded Chantilly Lace - Annalisa

If this lace looks familiar to you then it's because it was one of the four base fabrics used to create Kate Middleton's iconic, influential and inspiring royal wedding gown. Our designer has used beads, sequins and pearls with a skilled and creative hand, adding loops of thread to create a breathtaking three-dimensional textured effect. From the border of this exquisite lace fabric rises a splendidly stylish decoration of flowers and foliage, completing the regal look.


Enchantment: Jacquard Brocade

Jacquard Brocade - Enchantment

For an alternative to lace, 'Enchantment' Jacquard Brocade is ideal. Skillfully woven right here at our own premises in Lancashire, the beautiful wedding fabric features a swirling pattern that repeats and interlocks. This mesmerising pattern is raised from the background, producing an embossed effect that is pure elegance. 


Discover more white lace on our website!

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