Superb Stretch Fabrics

Superb Stretch Fabrics

A selection of stretch fabrics online

As well as supplying a comprehensive range of wedding lace online, the Bridal Fabrics online fabric shop also offers access to an extensive selection of stretch material (lace, fabric, trim, tulle). Perfect for all kinds of dressmaking, these sumptuous online fabrics are also ideal for creating garments for dancewear.


Pamper: Polyester Heavy Crepe

Polyester Heavy Crepe (144cm/57") - Pamper


Exclusively available in a rich Ivory colour, Pamper is a luxuriously-heavy crepe fabric that weighs an impressive 271 gsm (grams per square metre). The material boasts plenty of stretch in both directions, in addition to a gloriously-silky handle and magnificent drape.


Queen: Polyester Heavy Stretch Satin

Ivory Polyester Heavy Satin (144cm/57") - Queen


Weighing in at 246gsm, this is one of those dress fabrics that really makes the wearer feel like royalty thanks to its wonderfully-rich drape and exquisite, opulently-smooth handle. The wedding fabric measures a generous 144cm in width and incorporates 8% elastane, giving it a remarkable stretch.


Compassion: Polyester Stretch Crepe

Polyester Stretch Crepe (142cm/56") - Compassion


Even heavier than Pamper at a stunning 284gsm, Compassion is made with no less than 20% Spandex, imbuing it with superlative stretch in both directions across its 142cm width. Regal and luxurious, Compassion polyester stretch crepe is available in the classic bridal colours of Ivory and White.


Pageant: Polyester Stretch Crepe

Polyester Stretch Crepe (121cms/47") - Pageant


Anyone who wears a garment made using this lightweight material is definitely going to be the princess of any pageant! With a fabulously-feminine drape, Pageant polyester stretch crepe is available in an eclectic colour palette that includes White, Ivory, Silver and Almond.


Ceremony: Polyester Stretch Satin

Poly Stretch Satin (116cm/45")- Ceremony


Weighing just 93gsm, this fantastically-floaty fabric is of supreme quality and is ideal for dressmaking purposes. There is a large choice of different colours available, including Nude, Cream, Champagne, Blush, Old Rose, Lilac, Magenta, White, Ivory, Coffee, Oyster, Celeste and Wedgewood.


Empathy: Polyester Stretch Satin

Polyester Stretch Satin (140cm/55") - Empathy


Empathy weighs a super-light 100 gsm and has been continually popular with our clients since we first introduced it to our collection back in the summer of 2016. The material has plenty of stretch right across its width and is available in many different colours including Charcoal, Aubergine, Turquoise, Gold, Red, Lavender and Black. These colours can be seen in all their glory on a shade card, which can be ordered separately from Bridal Fabrics.


Elasticity: Silk Stretch Satin

Silk Stretch Satin (110cm/43") - Elasticity


The name says it all! Elasticity displays good stretching qualities across it and is available in either Black or Ivory. The beautiful sheen and lustre of this delightful fabric has to be seen to be believed so why not order a free sample and see for yourself?!


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