Starstruck! Star Themed Wedding Fabric

Starstruck! Star Themed Wedding Fabric

Wedding dress material inspired by the stars
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Since time immemorial, human beings have been fascinated with the stars. They have always been a major influence in art and, as couture fashion is itself an art, it is no surprise that they feature prominently in this arena too. Here we look at four styles of star fabric inspired by the shimmering beauty of the heavens.


Ivory Embroidered Lace: Vedette

Ivory Embroidered Lace – Vedette

Onto an ivory tulle base, a variety of star motifs have been lovingly embroidered to create an ethereal lace fabric. The soft twinkle of a starry night is perfectly captured with the addition of translucent sequins, which playfully catch the light as the wearer moves.


Polyester Organza: Stardust

Polyester Organza (150cm/58") - Stardust

Similar to chiffon but with a heavier weight and added body, organza fabric is crisp and sheer with a somewhat wiry feel and a heavenly-high sheen: these qualities make it ideal for full skirts, overlays and trains. Stardust polyester organza is available in white or ivory but we also supply a silk version of this material (Evolution) in a selection of other colours.


Ivory Chantilly Lace: Ailsa

Ivory Chantilly Lace - Ailsa

A single, six-point star motif is repeated across the body of this sumptuously-soft Chantilly lace to form a hypnotic yet harmonious pattern. So striking is this repetition that the edges are left plain, allowing the star lace to shine in its full, unadorned beauty.


Couture Embroidery: Stars

Sequin Embellished Georgette - Stars

A pure silk sequin fabric, Stars couture embroidery has an ivory georgette base. This has been heavily embellished with ivory sequins, interspersed with highly-reflective silver sequins that form an exotic constellation.


We're quite sure you will be feeling starstruck after checking out these gorgeous star-themed wedding-dress materials, many of which are also perfect for creating evening wear. Find out more details on the product pages and get ready to be a superstar!

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