An Alternative Wedding Dress Fabric Selection

An Alternative Wedding Dress Fabric Selection

Wedding dress fabrics for the alternative bride
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As couture fashion has continued to move forward, it has embraced individuality, customisation and personality. More brides than ever before are choosing an alternative wedding, which means that wedding gowns are constantly evolving. Here we look at four styles of lace fabric designed for today's modern, alternative bride.


Black Beaded Lace: Ebony

Black Beaded Lace - Ebony

A black wedding dress makes a bold, daring and provocative statement. Ebony black beaded lace is a striking wedding dress fabric that features a design combining floral and paisley elements. Beautiful beadwork, cording and sequins add exciting embellishment and the whole is surrounded by matching scalloped edges.


Ivory Embroidered Lace: Vedette

Ivory Embroidered Lace – Vedette

Every bride wants to feel like a superstar on her wedding day and, with Vedette embroidered lace, that is guaranteed! Ethereal and magical, this lace fabric is embroidered with stars of all different sizes, each of which is embellished with enchanting translucent sequins.



Multicoloured Lace: Octavia Garden

Multicoloured Lace - Octavia Ocean

Reminiscent of the soft, fluid colours of a Monet painting, Octavia Garden is a visual delight. A sumptuously embroidered floral pattern stretches right across the width of the fabric, shimmering with every colour of the rainbow. We also offer this lace in a Twilight colourway.


Ivory Beaded Lace: Alexandra

Peony Pink Lace - Alexandra

Alexandra is the perfect fabric for creating a truly individual wedding dress. The heavily beaded and corded material features an array of floral motifs, embellished with beads, diamantes and sequins. With matching lace trim and appliques available, this coloured lace has asymmetric borders.


A wedding gown should reflect the unique style and personality of its wearer. Check out these and many more alternative lace fabric styles on our website.

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