Princess and Debutante — Special Offers for May

Princess and Debutante — Special Offers for May

Two of our prettiest wedding dress materials, both perfect for a late-spring or early-summer wedding, have a special offer on this May!
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Two of our prettiest wedding dress materials, both perfect for a late-spring or early-summer wedding, have a special offer on this May! This offer ends at midnight on 31st May and can only been redeemed if you are a subscriber to our newsletter!

The special promo code will be sent to all our subscribers on Wednesday 14th May 2014 so make sure you don't miss out and subscribe! We will send it again the following week.

The fabrics we have chosen to offer a discount on this month are Princess and Debutante, each of which has its own charms. Check out the product pages to see detailed, HD images of each fabric and to make your choice from our gorgeous colour palette.


This sumptuous fabric is a faille, a word which originally comes from the Dutch for 'scarf' and was adopted into French as an affectionate name for the women of Flanders who characteristically wore such scarves. Our expert bridal team chose Princess primarily for its unbelievable draping quality which makes it absolutely ideal for creating fairytale wedding dresses. The inside of the fabric has a softly-tactile crinkled surface while the face is formed from pure, shimmering satin.

Princessis a delicate fabric suitable only for low-temperature washing or preferably dry-cleaning. The material has a generous width of 150cm and can be supplied in a full-length roll of 23m or to any desired length. As well as white and ivory, Princess is offered in a range of bold colours such as scarlet, sapphire and cerise.


An Anglicised word, 'Debutante' comes from the French Débutante, meaning a female beginner. Originally, a debutante would have been a young woman from an upper-class family who had come of age and would be formally introduced to high-society at a special party. Use of the word gradually extended over time to include any woman attending an important, once-in-a-lifetime event such as a prom or wedding.

Our Debutante fabric is a silk taffeta, a word of Persian origin meaning 'twisted and woven'. An extremely lightweight fabric, taffeta was used in the very first recorded flight of a human in a craft lighter-than-air; in 1782, Frenchman Joseph Montgolfier created a balloon using the material. Smooth and crisp, the fabric is yarn-dyed to give a gorgeous 'shot' effect to the finished fabric's colouration. A diverse colour palette, including claret, magenta and onyx, allows the perfect look to be easily achieved.

Please enjoy examining the beautiful fabrics and don't forget to subscribe before midnight on Friday 23rd May to take advantage of our fantastic May offer!

For more information on our amazing range of wedding dress material, please call our bridal team on 01254 873333 or email us at

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