Ivory or White? - How to Choose

Ivory or White? - How to Choose

White and ivory continually top the charts when it comes to bridal colours. The subtle differences between them making choosing between them an adventure.

White and ivory continually top the charts when it comes to bridal colours. Although the two are of a purely monochromatic nature, both options have a stunningly varied range of tones, shades and textures so choosing creatively and selectively between the varying materials is a pleasurable adventure.

The white wedding dress is perhaps the most classic of all and has been since it was popularised by Queen Victoria in 1840. Symbolic of the newness and purity of the bride as she enters into her eternal loving union, the white dress is incredibly versatile, suited to a range of complexions and hair colours. White lace is a particularly attractive when exposed to summer sunlight and teams perfectly with a flower selection of any base colour, subtly reflecting the tones of the petals while reflecting any vivid colours.

Ivory wedding dress material has long been noted for its ability to imbue an exciting and enticing glow to the eyes of its wearer. Evoking a beautiful radiance, these fabrics are designed to both absorb and refract light, bringing a shimmering duality to the gown and creating the most unique display. Ivory lace work particularly well with flowers of deep mauve or purple and, when teamed with the perfect crystal embroidery, create a timeless look that will steal the show.

Choosing between ivory and white is mostly down to personal taste though a general rule is that the shade of the chosen fabric should be at least one shade lighter than the tone of the skin. The best way to select from the array of options is to request a selection of our bridal fabric samples to see which fabric tone suits your unique complexion.

Whichever colour you choose for your ideal bridal gown, Platinum Bridal Fabrics are with you every step of the way. Call our expert bridal team today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for ideas, information and inspiration.

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