Bold and Bright Colour Choices: Mother-of The-Bride

Bold and Bright Colour Choices: Mother-of The-Bride

Coloured lace and fabrics for mother of the bride
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There is just so much choice out there in terms of style and colour if you have your mother of the bride outfit bespoke made. Made to her specification and a perfect fit, Mum can feel comfortable and chic at the same time. Choosing fabric and lace for a bespoke outfit is so easy with Bridal Fabrics: simply use the filter to select the colour you want and send for samples to colour match your fabric and lace online.


Be inspired by some of our bold and bright colour choices here...

Reese: Purple Guipure Lace 

Dentelle Guipure Violette - Reese

Dense yet delicate, the embroidery that makes up the design of Reese boasts a beautiful lustre. Both of the delightfully feminine edges are identical.

Austen: Royal Blue Embroidery Lace 

Dentelle Broderie Bleu Royal - Austen

Bedecked with flowers all over, this splendid coloured lace would make an equally-splendid wedding guest dress.

Maria: Candy Pink Lace 

Passion Pink Lace - Maria

For a decadent, glamorous wedding outfit, Maria is hard to beat. Alternating rose motifs are highlighted with fine cording and incorporate gold filigree thread.

Riaz: Teal Corded Lace 

Teal Corded Lace - Riaz

A richly embroidered lace that is perfect for creating a dazzling bespoke dress, Riaz features gorgeous floral motifs and matching scalloped edges.

Janis: Aqua Corded Lace 

Teal Corded Lace - Janis

A trio of flowers, framed by leaves and exquisitely corded, characterises this divine design. The design repeats across an open tulle, leading to magnificent scalloped edges.

Majestic: Polyester Satin 

Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Lighter Shades)

One of our bestselling colour fabrics, Majestic is available in an extensive palette of more than 50 different shades. Smooth and silky, this wedding fabric displays impeccable draping qualities.

Contessa: Polyester Non-Snag Duchess Satin 

Polyester Duchess Satin (148cm/58") - Contessa (Darker Shades)

Made in Japan using twisted yarns to create the signature dense weave and non-snag performance, Contessa is designed to maintain its shape during wear. This makes it perfect for corsets and full gowns.

Flamenco: Polyester Luxury Duchess Satin

Polyester Luxury Duchess Satin (148cm/58") - Flamenco

 Practically indistinguishable from genuine silk, Flamenco lives up to the luxury in its name. Any wedding outfit made using Flamenco is guaranteed to have a special look.


Discover many more fabrics for mother of the bride outfits here at Bridal Fabrics!

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