3D Flower Lace: Feel Flamboyant!

3D Flower Lace: Feel Flamboyant!

3d flower lace is exciting and dynamic

3D flower lace is dynamic, powerful and striking. In this edition of our blog, we have delved deep into our online fabric store to bring you a choice selection of floral 3D lace that will make you smile!

Arianna: Ivory Flower Lace

Ivory Flower Lace - Arianna

 An ivory tulle embellished with indulgent layers of 3-dimensional flowers, Arianna is as stylish as it is stunning. Each individual bloom is decorated with radiating swirls of beads, sequins, pearls and embroidery.


Porscha: Ivory Lace 

Ivory Lace - Porscha

Applied with the most delicate touch, 3D flowers are accompanied by small leaves and intricately-linked twines. Towards the top of this fabulous floral lace are more applique-ready flower motifs.


Saga: 3D Ivory Lace 

Ivory 3D Lace - Saga

Asymmetric edges add to the unique appeal of Saga, an enchantingly-embroidered ivory lace fabric adorned with 3D flowers. Carefully-chosen beads and pearls add a magical twinkle.


Rebecca: 3D Ivory Lace 

Ivory 3D Lace - Rebecca

A pattern of leaves winds sinuously across the body of this daring lace, creating a framework upon which sit 3D flowers rendered on a range of scales. This design is also available in pink.


If you're sick of struggling to find a wide choice of quality lace online, look no further than the Bridal Fabrics online lace shop. Browse now and get ready to enter a new dimension!

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