Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns: Three Stunning Examples

Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns: Three Stunning Examples

Long sleeve wedding gowns are always popular
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In an ongoing battle for popularity reminiscent of that between white and ivory, wedding gowns with long or short sleeves constantly vie for supremacy. At the moment, long-sleeved wedding gowns seem to have the edge and here we look at some gowns from our online gallery that are made in this style.

Joanna Leigh is the designer of the first long-sleeve dress in our selection and she used Jocelyn Ivory Chantilly Lace to create the breathtaking gown.

Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns: Three Stunning Examples

This delicate lace fabric, which features fringed, asymmetric edges, has undeniable couture appeal and combines contemporary and traditional design elements to great effect.


Our next long-sleeved wedding outfit comes from Catriona Garforth Bridal and was made using Liliyana ivory sequinned lace. Measuring 130cms in width, this exquisite lace fabric has been hand embroidered with alternating columns of reflective sequins and beads, creating a repeating pattern of clean vertical lines.

Ivory Sequinned Georgette - Lilyana


Designers E and W Couture created the final wedding dress in our selection, which is a perfect example of the chic boho style.

Ivory Guipure Lace - Gretel

To create the gown, Gretel Ivory Guipure Lace was used, the perfect choice for this style of wedding dress. Alternating bands of different geometric shapes march across the width of the lace fabric, framed on both sides by matching scalloped edges.

Check out these and many more long-sleeved wedding gowns in our gallery!

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