How to select your wedding dress neckline?

How to select your wedding dress neckline?

Heading into a wedding dress shop can be quite daunting as you are presented with a number of dresses in varying colours, styles and shapes.

Heading into a wedding dress shop can be quite daunting as you are presented with a number of dresses in varying colours, styles and shapes. An important question to bear in mind is how to select your wedding dress neckline.

There is so much choice when it comes to necklines, Bridal Fabrics have outlined the top twelve for our brides-to-be and explained what type of look can be achieved as well as who it is most suitable for.


 dress-v-neck  dress-square-neckline  dress-jewel-shirt

The V-Neck wedding dress neckline will as the name describes dip down to a V-shape at the front of the dress. In most cases the back of the wedding dress is also cut in a V-shape and this will suit any bride who has a medium size bust.

The Square wedding dress neckline is cut straight across angled corners where it then meets any straps or sleeves. This is a very popular neckline for a wedding dress because it suits almost any size of bust.

The Jewel wedding dress neckline or t-shirt neckline as it is sometimes known has a round and high cut line which will sit close to the bottom of the throat. This style is particularly good for small busted brides. Any bride who wants to cover up their upper chest of collar bone area will opt for this neckline shape.

 dress-bateau  dress-asymmetrical  dress-sholacespaghetti

The Bateau wedding dress neckline follows the shape of the collar bone towards the edge of the shoulders and the front and the back panels of the bateau shape are joined by the very tip or can sometimes be separated by a thin strap. Again this is especially popular for a bride who wishes to cover up and for small busted brides.

The Asymmetrical wedding dress neckline is quite a popular wedding neckline style, it is different on the left side than to the right side of the wedding dress bodice. In most cases the one shouldered asymmetrical wedding dress style is chosen and this is suitable for any bride who doesn’t need to wear a bra although in some cases a strapless bra could be worn.

The shoelace wedding dress neckline or the spaghetti strap wedding dress neckline as it is sometimes referred to will be straight in most cases although it can be slightly shaped. The bride is supported by very thin and delicate straps which in many wedding dress designs are detachable. For brides with a larger bust, this style of wedding dress is not advised.

 dress-scooproundneck  dress-halterneck  dress-queen-anne

The scoop wedding dress neckline or the round neckline as it is sometimes known, is more often than not, low cut and the back of the dress will be similar to the front in the way in which it is cut. Again this is similar to the square wedding dress neckline because it suits any bride of any shape and size.

The halterneck wedding dress neckline features a strap which usually will tie at the back of the neck or will be a high neck with wide armholes. This is a neckline which is better worn without a bra because usually it will feature a low cut back. For brides who would like their shoulders on show, the halterneck wedding dress neckline style is ideal or alternatively it can be used for brides who would have liked the strapless neckline but need more support.

The Queen Anne wedding dress neckline is well known and is often selected for a dramatic and striking look. It is known historically as it reflects the style worn by Queen Anne throughout the 18th Century. At the front there is a heart shaped neckline but it will feature a high back. In most cases it is joined to the front by sleeves which cover the shoulders. Sometimes the sleeves will be full length and this is ideal for brides who want to show off their cleavage but in a modest way.

 dress-sweetheart  dress-off-the-shoulder  dress-strappless

The sweetheart wedding dress neckline is again quite low cut and is similar in shape to that of the Queen Anne wedding dress neckline only the back is cut at the same or a similar height to the front just erasing the heart shape. This is a popular choice because of the love heart shape which represents love, romance and thus is ideal for a wedding.

The off the shoulder wedding dress neckline is a popular choice for many brides in that it sweeps carefully off the shoulder and has small sleeves or straps which sit just below the shoulder on the upper arm. This particular neckline will show off the bride’s shoulders and collar bone which is great for brides with curves and medium to fuller chested brides. For those with wide shoulders it probably isn’t the best choice of wedding dress neckline as it can make them look even wider.

The Strapless wedding dress neckline is perhaps one of the most popular choices to date. It is figure hugging and has a straight or shaped neckline but it is well suited to those with broad shoulders as well as those with a petite frame. In most cases any strapless wedding dress will actually come with straps which can be added should the bride so wish them to be.

Once you have selected your wedding dress neckline shape as well as the colour and style of your wedding dress, you need to either find it off the peg or design or make it up yourself. If you are going to design and manufacture it yourself or by using a dressmaker, then why not get in touch with us at Bridal Fabrics, where a member of our expert team can talk you through a whole range of fabrics and explain which ones would work to achieve your design and which fabrics you should avoid.

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