How to choose your wedding dress style, shape and colour?

The Wedding Day is such a special moment in a Bride's life and the dress is one of the central parts of the day.
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The Wedding Day is such a special moment in a Bride's life and the dress is one of the central parts of the day. How can the bride be sure to choose the right dress in terms of shape, style  and colour?

Before stepping into a wedding dress shop and being bombarded with a sea of white and ivor dresses in a whole range of styles, shapes and colours the Bride will need to identify exactly what it is you are looking for.

How do I choose a wedding dress style?

With regards to selecting a style for your wedding dress, the Bride will need to consider where they're going to be getting married. If your wedding is taking place in a church then your wedding dress style may be very different to the style of wedding dress if you were getting married on say a beach.

There is no point in choosing an elaborate design, full skirt which is long with a train attached if you’re getting married on as mentioned a beach right by the water’s edge! Instead you may choose a shorter style dress so it doesn’t trail on the floor. Another important factor to bear in mind is the season because if you’re getting married in the summer time or abroad where it is hot a lighter fabric may well be selected.

Lighter fabrics obviously are not going to be worn in winter time when it is freezing cold and there is chance of snow. Obviously in the season of winter a different style of dress would be chosen to than of a wedding dress for a summer wedding.

How do I choose a wedding dress shape?

You need to think about your figure because no matter what size or shape you are, there is a suitable wedding dress to suit your requirements and make you look stunning! You need or rather want it to flatter you in the right places and maybe hide any curves or bumps which you are not so proud of!

For women who have a large bust then they may feel more comfortable with a wedding dress which is halter neck or has straps for support rather than a strapless wedding gown. This would contrast to a woman who has smaller bust who may prefer to have a strapless wedding gown.

Fuller dresses on a larger woman can make them look even larger and so many will opt for a wedding dress with a less full skirt. Smaller sized women may want to wear a slinky wedding dress in order to flatter their shape but many who feel they are skinny choose fuller skirts so that they look a bit larger.

The way to really choose a wedding dress shape is to go and try on a number of styles with varying shapes until you find one which you are happy with. It may well be that you like the top shape of one and the skirt of another and this is okay because if you cannot find one off the peg, you can design and make your own.

How do I choose a wedding dress colour?

When choosing the colour for your wedding dress there are a number of traditional ones available from white, cream or ivory and whereas traditionally many Brides would choose one of these for the colour, an increasing number of brides are opting to try something else.

If you are very pale skinned, then choosing a white dress may not be the most suitable colour! You need to choose a wedding dress colour which will compliment your skin tone. For tanned, dark skin then white could be an option it all depends on your makeup and whether you will be having a spray tan on the day or building up a tan on a sunbed.

Colours of wedding dresses are also chosen based on the colour theme which has been chosen for the rest of the wedding. Bridesmaids dress colours are often taken into consideration and so the colours on the wedding day will match.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics can advise brides-to-be about complimenting colours and contrasting colours for a striking appeal.

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